C5 ID and Fingerprinting Solutions Inc.

This website provides a service that allows applicants to request a police background check in Canada. Criminal histories are stored at the Royal Canadian Mounted Police. The RCMP requires that you complete a specific form called the "Informed Consent Form", or "ICF". Further, they require that your identity is verified to ensure you are asking for a background check on your own behalf only. Please be aware that this service is only legally available for you to get your own background check. You may not enquire about the background of others.

We will help you complete the ICF by guiding you through a sequence of windows. Once you have provided all the required data, we will ask you to confirm all your data is correct and provide a signature.

As soon as you begin your request for a background check, we will email you a link that allows you to resume your data entry in case you are interrupted for any reason. This link stays effective until your ICF is complete. You may delete the email after that time.

Once your ICF is finished, we may ask you to make payment for the services you requested, using a major credit card. The credit card payment is done through Moneris. This website does not keep any credit card information. Once payment is made, we send you an email notification that can be used to retrieve your payment receipt. The fees for processing your background check request are not refundable.

Next, we will help you verify your identity by asking you a series of questions that only the person named in the ICF could answer. These questions are developed with the help of Equifax, our identity verification partner company. The function does not affect your credit score. We do not keep any information regarding your credit at this website. We check your answers. If they are correct, your request is forwarded to our police partner for final processing.

If your answers are incorrect, you will be given specific instructions on how to verify your identity. Once this process is complete, your request will be forwarded to our partner police service.

When police results are available, we will send you an email with links you can use to securely retrieve them. Depending on the services you requested, you may also receive a link to view an electronic certificate of results. If you additionally requested a paper certificate, an embossed document will arrive via regular mail within 3-5 business days. delivery.

We strive to provide an electronic response to you within one business day, from the time your identity is verified.

Please note that all our communications with you are via email. In using this website, you confirm your acceptance that our emails to you can contain personal and confidential personal information, which may be viewed by unauthorised persons. We retain your information in our database for the minimum period permitted by the R.C.M.P., after which time, your information will be purged.